Alliance : ][CyberPillar][

Welcome to Alliance : ][CyberPillar][!

There is a domain name reserved at which does (or will?) come to this page.

This section is meant to describe efforts that may involve multiple people, or even organizations, that may assist with some of the chief goals of ][Cyber Pillar][.

Please note that some content of Alliance : ][CyberPillar][ may be provided by people with minimal, or even no, supervision by key ][CyberPillar][ staff, even if the resource uses some of ][CyberPillar]['s technical resources such as website hosting, E-Mail addresses, domain name (redirection) services, or even referrals from a web page like the main home page for Alliance : ][CyberPillar][. It is hoped that other people and/or organizations that are referred to, by Alliance : ][CyberPillar][, will provide satisfying experiences. If not, please do help ][CyberPillar][ by contacting ][CyberPillar][ staff and letting key staff know about any problems that should be improved. Note, however, that ][CyberPillar][ offers no official warranty.

Currently, it is anticipated that a chief example of this may be site forums.

[#forums]: Site Forums

At the time of this writing (during the year 2011, before the website's public launch), the forums may be fairly new, and may not be getting heavily used. For now, it is recommended to simply use other online resources. This site encourages people to check back for updates.

Forums may be available now, or in the very near future.

Getting help

The ][Cyber Pillar][ website (especially tutorials) is a great resource. Don't be afraid to search the site.

Note that other resources mentioned here are only provided in order to be of possible assistance. They may or may not be closely known by the staff of this site, and so being mentioned here is NOT meant to be any sort of strong recommendation/endorsement.

Perhaps one of the most useful resources may be the the forums. In addition, other options may be presented by this page, so be sure to check out this page thoroughly.

There are many online forums on the Internet. Some of them do, at least occasionally, provide useful assistance. In many cases, that may be the most effective way.

Some people, who have likely made some positive choices in technology, may be listed at OpenBSD Support and Consulting.