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Contact information, community details, etc.

][Cyber Pillar]['s Forum

Perhaps some of the staff may visit the forums.

Further details may be found in the section about Alliance : ][CyberPillar][. The reason that section was selected for the forums is that there may be more/different staff that help with the forums.

The anticipated plan(/dream/hope) is that forums may be run by staff who help by investing time using the forums to interact with site visitors who seek assistance or other such interaction.

A clear goal behind the design of ][CyberPillar][ is to try to present a polished experience that is applicable to many people (including first-time visitors), and an experience which is just crammed with useful information. While it may be nice if forums also have some of these same qualities, the focus may differ as forums strive to be able to respond to individual inqueries or other posts. It is anticipated that some forum posts will have details that are rather specific, and perhaps even more customized, than what is offered by much of the other material on the main site.)

In order for each section to best achieve the intended goals, the forums may involve more, or just different, staff members than much of the rest of this site.

Staff Information

Details may be available on the web page about Staff information.

Contacting the Staff contact information
Details may be available on the web page about Staff information.
[#hlpcybrp]: Assisting with ][CyberPillar][

][CyberPillar][ was created with the intent of being a web site, at least initially. A lot of this material may be related to the web site.

General guidelines: Contributed content

This site recognizes that substantial time can be invested into making contributions, even if the contributions are not used by the site. This is unfortunate. Even though that unfortunate reality is recognized, often there is not a real way to tell if the staff of the site will find a place where to post the end result, or even if the work will show up on the site. As a result, any potential contributors of content may simply need to realize the risk that spent time may end up being unfruitful. A solution to this conundrum would be appreciated.

Know that all submitted material must be able to fit within the guidelines of the site, including all legal notices.

Current specific requests
Increasing site appreciation
Spread popularity

Creating the first public version of the website took a lot more effort, and time, than originally anticipated. Please help these efforts to pay off, by using the site as a resource for others. Take advantage of the large number of hyperlink anchors to direct people to very specific sections that describe what it appears people need help with. (If people actually end up needing help with a similar topic, hopefully they will be able to quickly find what is needed.) Help this site, by helping people!

Increasing site familiarity

Increase your own appreciation of the site by enjoying the benefits offered. Go through quality tutorials.

Reporting duplication

One factor that has contributed to information being released later is that sometimes content has been written multiple times. In some cases, multiple web pages have been found having extremely similar content. If there aren't hyperlinks between such sections, then this has probably been unintentional, so please point out any occurrences of this that may still be noticed. (At very least, such information should be hyperlinked, so that readers and also web page updaters can know where all the related/relevant information is at.) Also, if any sentences (or paragraphs) seem quite repetitive with what has been shown before, please point it out as a section to possibly improve.

Dynamic content/Forum assistance

Alliance : ][CyberPillar][ is planned to be used for forums.

There are quite a few forums available on the Internet. There are plans to make these forums a bit different than some others. Here are the plans:

Technical Integration

The ][CyberPillar][ website may, at some point, start including forum posts on the ][CyberPillar][ pages. This may allow feedback to web pages to become automatically available even before site staff has a chance to validate the feedback and incorporate better facts into the main/top part of the web page. People may also be able to ask some quite specific questions, knowing that related material is easy to find (because it will be on the same web page).

Naturally, allowing comments from a large group of people like the general public could result in spam or other sorts of posts with lower quality content. Therefore, the ][CyberPillar][ website will have some sort of disclaimer at the top of any such integrated content that isn't quite so moderated.

Other integration

It is hoped that the ][CyberPillar][ website will contain a lot of information that can answer people's questions, and that many of the forum's answers will point to resources at ][CyberPillar][ where answers may be found. If site staff are unable to find resources on ][CyberPillar][, such an incident may help to locate weaknesses in ][CyberPillar][ content and help drive the creation of additional useful content on ][CyberPillar][.


It would be great if posts get sorted by date of ignorance. If a post is being ignored by experts, such as site staff, for too long, then it will get to be closer to the top of this sorted list. In this way, an abandoned question by site staff will hopefully be more likely to get the attention it needs.

A goal of site staff will, hopefully, be to address such questions so that progress isn't held up by a lack of feedback by site staff. Instead, the staff should strive to place such tickets in a status indicating that the staff gave an available resolution, or specific questions to be answered, or perhaps simply pointers to where additional information may be found. It is anticipated that some users may not return to answer additional questions, and especially may not return to verify success. However, if this goal for site staff may be reached, then those who are still seeking answers should be able to regularly find that the status isn't that the post was abandoned without any sort of feedback.

Details about how this tracking system may eventually be implemented are not fully determined at the time of this writing.


The website should be able to be fairly stable, like the rest of the ][CyberPillar][ website. There may be some sort of sponsorship, such as advertisements, which may help the ][CyberPillar][ staff.


A recognized opportunity for benefiting the site would be an increase in the number of staff who help to monitor dynamic content.

At the time of this writing, this currently might still only be offered as a volunteer basis, unless some sort of other agreement (such as a financial partnership?) is mutually agreed upon ahead of time.

Professional help

At the time of this writing, it remains to be seen how high the quality of available help may be. It certainly seems conceivable that quality help may be rewarded through advertisements or perhaps even direct financial thanks/compenstation. This might be especially true if people asking questions can help by ponying up some reward to those who work on their specific issue(s). In at least the latter case, there may essentially be some sort of matchmaking service being provided.

All such details are, at the time of this writing, pipe dreams that may or may not be implemented anytime in the near future.

Some of these plans may be rather vague. It does seem likely that an excellent implementation of incorporating community feedback could currently benefit those who visit the website. It is hoped that this site will be able to provide a foundation/framework where such a successful solution may be deployed. It is not currently quite as clear how quickly any such success may be getting deployed. It is not yet clear how much resources, such as finances/time/effort, may be placed into this forum.

Specifically, the creator of ][CyberPillar][ has a history of not being involved in regularly checking forum that haven't yet reached the critical mass to have updates regularly. This person's efforts may be better utilized in other ways, including helping the website in other ways.

Those who like this website, and who also can see the potential of such benefits, and who would like to help make such positive potential actually happen, are encouraged to get involved. Early steps may be to help others on the forums, and/or contact site staff (perhaps by using the forums).

It is quite possible that information may cause damage to a computer, even if the information is correct. Please note that, like any other offering by ][CyberPillar][, any information found on the forums are provided without any warranty, nor guarantees of accuracy.

CSS Style designer

This site uses a lot of colors. Those colors come from CSS, which allows for quick changes to a wide variety of stylesheets.

To clarify, the assistance being sought here would be to come up with different color schemes that can be quickly changed to. This will help provide an answer to an otherwise expected complaint, which is that the colors may make things more difficult to read. (Although one possible scheme could be to make things colorless, it is possible that such difficulties may be reduced, possibly to elimination in some cases, by providing colors that coordinate better.)

Instructions for creating such a file can be seen by following this hyperlink: CSS URL specified by cookie.

End users can have some control over which styles are used.

Site theme

A key part of the site theme will be the CSS styles that affect colors in a multitude of ways. However, there may be more aspects to creating some nice themes, such as creating some nice graphical chrome.

This site is designed to attract a certain type of clientele who are often knowledgable about computers and may be discriminating in their web surfing, with specific tastes that prefer minimalist experiences that are largely compatible with many browsers, do not waste a lot of screen space by dedicating the space to pretty graphics, and preferably load fairly quickly. In pursuit of serving these interests, themes should be simple graphics without requiring any sort of additional browser addons such as Macromedia Flash or its successors/competitors. Support by displays that use few colors should be a pleasant experience.

If there is interest in providing site logos, chromework (borders, etc.), or other sorts of visual enhancements, please let the site staff know.

Other creative arts

This site could possibly be interested in a submitted logo. An idean candidate might include the theme(s) of a pillar and/or fortress of security, and/or being computerized (as implied by the word cyber), and/or have a caterpillar (due to being nearly homophonic, perhaps malaproppy).


The type of living creature of choice would likely be a caterpillar. Ideally this will somehow incorporate cyber and pillar, although such details haven't been fully fleshed out yet.

If there are errors, please provide details. The best way may be to update the web site (if the section is dynamic and updatable), to contact staff members (using the staff contact information), or by posting to a forum and/or relevant mailing list that staff members are known to frequent. (However, please do not post such material in off-topic forums and/or lists if such a posting would not be an appropriate tool for making such a post.) Please identify the type:
Web page errors
e.g. hyperlink that goes to a page that no longer exists, or if a hyperlink actually goes to a wrong page/section
Content errors

Any quick note pointing out such an error will likely be appreciated and acted on fairly quickly. The staff should be able to recognize the standard sed-style notation of saying:

(starting with the letter “s” and then a common symbol seperator, most commonly a forward slash, and then placing that same symbol between the versions of the text and after the end of the text). Really, though, if you're not super comfortable with that format, staff will likely be grateful for the help, so please just send the information however it is convenient. Thanks!

Other incorrect statements that contradict established standards or other official documentation
These ought to be extremely simple to verify and fix as long as the official documentation is easily locatable. Fortunately, ][Cyber Pillar][ provides a lot of references to official documentation and so official documentation usually is easily locatable. Please provide a clear reference to the documentation which is conflicting, including the URL of any documentation that isn't referenced by ][Cyber Pillar][.
Other incorrect statements

If something is clearly incorrect, please let the staff know so that it may be verified and corrected. Finding official documentation can help a correction to be noticed more quickly, although may not be entirely required.

Incorrect positions/stances taken by the text
These might be debatable, or require some research to verify. As such, they may take more time than the above types of errors.
Proofread text. Check for errors. As a side benefit, this will likely involve increasing familiarity with some of the knowledge that is offered by ][Cyber Pillar][.
Deeper Assistance
Partnering with ][Cyber Pillar][

Those who may not have direct power with organizations that may choose to partner with ][Cyber Pillar][, but who have favor of the powerful, please consider recommending ][Cyber Pillar][ (and its staff!) as a consideration to of an organization to increase involvement with. Positive influence can be helpful, and is requested.

For those who are able and interested, for serious inquiries about partnering financially, please contact the leading staff of this site. Ideas include website advertising, re-publication of material such as in a book, creating custom offerings for subscribers, or simply providing donated resources such as outright financial sponsorship.

Note that this website will uncompromisingly endeavor to keep its integrity: unscreened advertisements will be marked as advertisements, and any endorsements will not contain text that does not match reality.

There is a current plan to help bring some revenue in from this website. (How successful that is, perhaps only time will tell.) It would be nice if gratitude towards ][Cyber Pillar][ can be compensated by many who benefit from the site, even if by only a little. However, if an organization wishes to work with ][Cyber Pillar][ to help both the organization and ][Cyber Pillar][ better, please contact the site's staff with details.

For those seeking to perform philanthropy, there are other organizations which may also benefit. For example, the OpenBSD Foundation can help provide finances in a useful way, OpenBSD FAQ 8.23: (X)HTML(4) provides recommendations which are less financial in nature, as is FAQ 1.5: Helping OpenBSD.

Submitting new content

Writing guides can be fun. Creating a guide for use with ][Cyber Pillar][ may require additional effort beyond just what is needed to write a well-written guide. For instance, some of the expected details are:

  • Implementation of the CSS used on this web site is expected.
  • References to information on this site, instead of duplicating resources, is also expected.
  • Starting with a list of requirements, such as knowledge requirements for being able to understand the guide, is expected.

Some of the above guidelines may be relaxed at some point.

A rather detailed guide for making material for these things is not yet posted here. Naturally, these expectations are in addition to those of technical accuracy, decent attempts at spelling and grammer, an easy flow that others will be able to understand, etc. If there is still interest in writing a guide, but not in customizing the guide so that it is ready to be integrated into the site, the best recommendation this guide has to offer is to consider creating a guide and posting it elsewhere, and perhaps post an announcement on the staff forum.

Any material submitted to this site may have the site's legal text, including Copyright, automatically applied to the submitted material. Acceptance of this term by the submitter is automatically deemed to be acknowledged by having the material be submitted.

Some additional recommendations/ideas/information:

Content recommendations
Provide usable advice

Try to provide details so that people can benefit without needing to think very hard, and without needing to perform a bunch of further research in order to accomplish a basic setup. For example, don't create a guide for setting up software, and then say that the software isn't really useful until numerous further customizations should be done, and just leave the reader to need to do a bunch of further research to be able to figure out what those customizations are. Try to avoid making references to needing to apply customizations based on an organization's needs, without providing any real detail about how to make that decision. That alone is perhaps one of the most common, yet irritating, offenses committed by many authors.

“Provide useful details” may be a directive that is far easier to say than to do. Even if this recommendation may be hard to implement, though, the recommendation is being made anyway because the result of fulfilling the recommendation will be far more useful to somebody who is new to using the technology. Try to provide information that helps the user to fully get onto his or her feet.

One way to help provide specific details, so that people know what to do, is to provide calculations involving numbers, instead of vague references like telling somebody to optimize things “based upon need”. Identify what numeric values are desirable so that somebody following the guide can have a clear goal to pursue, and to know when a job is clearly done. If one answer won't fit all situations, provide some details so people have some idea of what to strive for, and perhaps provide some examples so people know what answers do fit in at least some situations.

The main goal being described here is to prevent a user from needing to think, “What information do I need to get in order to make an intelligent decision? And how do I apply that data once I have it? Are there any details available to help me be able to answer those questions in an intelligent fashion?”

There may obviously be some major exceptions to this. For example, a guide to setting up an operating system, or installing a programming language, may provide the basic foundation so that a user can then perform a wide variety of tasks chosen by the end user. Even if the user is left with many broad choices, offering some options may reward a user for going through the effort of completing the tutorial. For installing an operating system, one potential follow-up piece may be TOOGAM's guide to setting up an operating system. For programming, possible resources might be job paths (section about “Computer programming”/“software development”) and/or coding. The simple act of providing these references may provide some serious help to users so that they don't need to ask those questions which are best avoided.

Uncovered topics

Some topics may not be extensively covered by ][Cyber Pillar][, and are best avoided entirely. If references are absolutely appropriate, then they should generally be used very sparingly.

These may include topics such as attacking, violating intellectual property law, and/or circumventing the intended software/hardware/security designs clearly intended by device/platform/software creators. Instructions are not provided for tampering with either security settings or efforts to automatically enforce rights that some organizations may claim. Similarly, running unofficial operating systems on closed-code platforms may generally be prohibited. (Note: Running NetBSD on a Sega Dreamcast is allowed, as it is officially supported by NetBSD and some Sega leadership actually offered at least some support to NetBSD. However, similar actions may be left undiscussed when related to newer video gaming hardware, because such activities have been clearly discouraged by the other manufacturers of those newer systems.)

Analyzing this policy

Admittedly, some of this prohibition may have some consequences that can be deemed to be unfortunate. The real truth is that there can be some security benefit to people having familiarity with certain activities that may be described as “offensive capabilities” related to network administration. Another phrase for such actions is “network penetration”. The decision, to not cover such topics, means that such a benefit is not being provided.

The simple reason to avoid extensive coverage on such topics is that the advantages of staying way from those topics may outweigh the advantages to covering those topics. Some organizations have expressed clear discomfort with being related to sharing such details. Having ongoing possibilities of certain partnerships is expected to enable certain potential benefits. Those benefits may be substantially more difficult to obtain, and may even be unachievable, if some topics are directly covered.

For instance, security benefits may become available to more people if some school administrations feel safe to effectively utilize this resource to share the abundance of information which is available directly from here. Such a positive security benefit may have a larger impact than trying to cover certain topics that could lead to becoming blacklisted, even though familiarity with such topics may provide other potential security benefit.

Factors behind decisions

Other values may suggest placing a higher value on some other ideals, such as discouraging censorship. This decision is not expected to remove wide availability of such information. Since there are other readily accessible platforms for sharing such details, actual probable costs to avoiding any direct coverage seems fairly minimal. Information can be made available, and obtained, in a variety of ways. The largest impact, of having this resource directly covering such topics, may be the inability to engage in certain partnerships that would be nice to be able to pursue.

Regardless of how much (dis)agreement may exist regarding such a policy, concepts such as honesty are highly encouragable. Therefore, in pursuit of such a goal, we should not agree to act in one way but then actually act contrary to what was agreed upon.

Example of a related policy by another organization

As an example of an organization prohibiting such topics, Google Advertising Policies: (Illegal) Hacking states, “Google AdWords doesn't allow ads or websites that promote hacking by providing instructions or equipment to” ... “tamper with software, servers,” etc. (Additional related policy text: Google AdWords Policy: notice regarding change in Hacking policy.) Trying to weasel around requirements, by concocting some distinction between the word “tamper” and the general configuration, goes against the clearly intended spirit of what was written.

Integrity is achieved by honoring, not trying hard to subvert, any agreements or partnerships that are entered into. Additionally, acting in accordance with the intended purpose will reduce the likelihood of future policy updates invalidating what has been previously permitted.

Some style information/ideas:
  • It is generally nice to provide a directory separator at the end of a directory name. For example, refer to somedir/ rather than just somedir or, if that isn't feasible, perhaps refer to somedir/. (with a directory seperator and then a period to refer to the current directory). Doing this can help easily point out the fact that the name is referring to a directory, rather than a file.
  • When ending a sentence with a filename, surround the filename with quotation marks to that a person does not think that the filename ends with a period. (A filename ending with a period may not be legitimate in some file systems, but in others it may be.) If ending a sentence with a directory name that is followed by a directory separator, quotation marks might not be needed because it is not a big deal whether the period is included or not: If somebody includes the period after the directory separator then the result is still a valid reference to the directory (in Unix and MS-DOS and similar, such as OS/2 and various Microsoft Windows platforms). However, there may be exceptions to this. A sentence that ends with not just a period, but a period followed by either a right parenthesis or a question mark, may end with symbols that should be seperated from the name of a filesystem object (like a directory).
  • For network locations, try not to have the name be followed directly by a period, unless it is a DNS-style name where an optional period won't hurt things. If a name just seems to need to be followed by a period, surround the name with quotation marks because readers might be more likely to notice quotation marks that don't belong, compared to the likelihood of noticing a period at the end. This guideline may help fewer people to try to copy-and-paste electronic text and end up with a result like a (404-style) “file not found” error.
Translating content

Please note that many view English to be the most widely accepted language for certain purposes, such as international commerce and international diplomacy and technical standards. However much some people may, on ethical grounds, disagree with this practice, it is still reality. Foreign texts filled with modern technical terms are frequently filled with numerous technical terms which are English, as well as acronyms with meanings that refer to English phrases. There may be some exceptions, such as CCITT (which is a name that was based on a French name, and which was used internationally before the organization was renamed), but English is predominant. Therefore, serious students of technology may benefit from English familiarity.

That being said, ][Cyber Pillar][ would like people to be able to benefit from the knowledge of this web site, and translations may assist with overcoming some language barriers. To that extent, translation efforts will eventually be appreciated. Please note that site translations are not expected to translate every single page before the alternate language is launched. Also, ][Cyber Pillar][ staff may not fully review alternate languages as rigorously as the English version.

At the time of this writing, no solid/final decision has been made about how translations will be integrated into the rest of the site.

A simple hyperlink could be inserted into the right frame, allowing the use of some translation website. There are mutliple, including Google Translate (or variations/related resources: e.g. probably most notably Adding Google Translate to a web page, or perhaps also Google Translation in Spanish (or whatever other language a visitor has previously shown a preference for), or other resources such as: Google Translate Tools, Google Translate for mobile, Translate Google (a shorter URL presumably for mobile devices), Support/Help for Google Translate, Inside Google Translate).

Another option of historical prominence would be the Babel Fish website that started an Digital Equipment Corporation's AltaVista and ended up at “Yahoo!”. Wikipedia's article comparing machine translation apps may provide some other options. imTranslator Comparison of Online Translators provides its service. So rather automated means are feasible. There's really no compelling reason to have manual translations unless they are higher quality. Version control is another topic worthy of consideration. (An outdated manual translation may provide some benefit over an automated translation of a newer version of text.) There are some choices to consider. Some relevant decisions have not, at the time of this writing, been made.

Before offering to lead any sort of volunteer translation effort, this site recommends reviewing the site in depth to make sure there is a real solid understanding of just how massive the scope would be. There are at least hundreds of web pages, and it is reasonable to believe that (perhaps years from now) the site will reach at least four digits. Understand the scope of such a project before making any commitments.

Further details may be available after one or more translation efforts have begun, if that occurs.