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Additional rights available

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To clarify the intents of this document: The goal is to help people troubleshoot problems, help people apply this knowledge in non-commercial use, and to protect the value of the content by not having huge sections, or even the entire site, copied directly to another resource which profits from this site.

To that end, feel free to apply the information to troubleshoot, as well as to show the content and even redistribute the information with up to two people as long as any copies are guaranteed to be destroyed within sixty-three days. Also, feel free to redistribute the information with up to a dozen people as long as all copies are destroyed within one hundred hours.

Additional temporary, or perhaps permanent, rights may be able to be provided upon request. It is possible that the entire site may turn into very liberal licensing, possibly including public domain. However, the site's terms are currently designed to help ensure that the site's value may appropriately provide benefit for the staff that primarily created the website.

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Disclaimer on applicability of technical knowledge

A simple, clear-cut warning: It is expected that if this site is used by enough people, that applying this information will result in unwanted data loss. (Hopefully working backups were made available before that happens.) Some of the techniques described by this site can even lead to potential permanent damage to physical (hardware) equipment. (Damaged hardware could operate in an unsafe manner, so, at least in theory, there could even potentially be risk to human safety.)

Information on this site is known to be dangerous in the sense that problems, most certainly including damage to data, may occur if the information is used. In most cases, properly performing such procedures are anticipated to not cause problems. However, some procedures may be riskier than others. Most certainly, improperly performing some of the techniques provided can cause problems. Even performing the technical steps accurately on a machine with bad hardware and/or a machine with file system corruption may cause some issues that may not have pre-existed. Additionally, the possibility of an error with software design may lead to problems. These are all examples of things which are generally entirely outside of any control of any creator of a guide on this site. It is advised that all techniques be thoroughly tested in a test environment where data is of no substantial value. However, in all cases, this site offers no guarantees, warranties, or any other such promises regarding the results of applying any such information.

Privacy Policy

Expect none. Information may be shared, privately or even publicly, with third parties. Furthermore, that information may be tracked. This may even be intended for the purposes of financial incentives, such as advertisements. (That statement is not referring to financial incentives for end users.) Such information may include a website visitor's IP (IPv6 or IPv4) address and information supplied by the web browser, and may be obtained through automated means without prior consent.

See also the section about Hyperlink Non-authenticity.

Hyperlink Non-authenticity

At least one financial sponsor or potential financial sponsor of the ][CyberPillar][ website may adjust the behavior of hyperlinks. (To clarify: hyperlinks may be dynamically created and/or altered on this website.) This may not apply to all hyperlinks. This practice may have been intentionally implemented and accepted by site's relevant staff due to two reasons: the potential economic benefit for the site, and simplicity in the ability to implement changing of such hyperlinks. In general, the anticipation remains that end users will be redirected to the correct website. However, the URL used may provide tracking information to a website, which may include ][CyberPillar][ and/or any other third party sites.

Because of this, checking the destination of the hyperlink before clicking on the hyperlink may result in viewing a URL that differs from the actual hyperlinked destination that is eventually visited. To clarify: if a user hovers a cursor over hyperlinked text, many web browsers may show a URL that the web browser expects will be used. However, when the user proceeds to have the hyperlink be followed (e.g. by “clicking” on a hyperlink), the hyperlink's destination may be altered before the web browser determines what web page will actually be visited next. The previously-displayed destination may not be fully authentic, meaning that there may be some changes made prior to completing the task of following the hyperlink to a destination.

Further Resources

In addition to any statements may above, there may be a “legal” page describing matters related to law. To contact a relevant member of site staff, see information about contacting TOOGAM.


The website does include applicable warnings, including those at Technology Warning as well as text at the top of the website's main home page and also text on the site's introduction page. These warnings help to re-iterate the lack of any sorts of official guarantee, promise, or any other similar thing (like any sort of warranty).