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This page contains information about how to contact specific staff. Note that there may be benefits to using specific contact methods, particularly when those contact methods may end up getting multiple people involved. It certainly may be benficial to check out the website's section Alliance : ][Cyber Pillar][, which may lists some publicly interactive offerings. Also, the section about interacting with the site staff may have details about the best ways to most usefully contact staff members.

Until further/different details are provided, the best recommended way to contact the staff of this web site may be by calling (and leaving a voicemail, if applicable) by using the contact information provided at TOOGAM's Contact Information which currently has some requirements: It is possible that an American phone number is needed, as well as web plugins. Hopefully this will not be remaining true much longer (after Cyber Pillar becomes public), because hopefully some better options will soon be provided. If you don't know TOOGAM personally, and are seeing this text, you are encouraged to contact TOOGAM and ask for expanded contact methods (particularly E-Mail).

It is hopeful that staff members will be responsive.

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See: TOOGAM's Contact Information.