In addition to the CSS, some notable non-content features of the web site:

HTML features (other than just CSS)

Several “definition lists” are used. CSS is used so that more deeply nested lists have definitions showing in different colors. (However, those colors may be overridden. That may be by the site due to specifying a different, more specific style, or by other customized styles or by standard browser styles applied to hyperlinks). For the most part, though, this serves as a visual indicator of how deeply nested the list is. Users of JavaScript should notice the expand/collapse controls inserted before the name of any of the “definitions” in the “definition lists”.

About DTTag

The online Cyber Pillar website uses TOOGAM's DTTag JavaScript to allow an end user to collapse and expand lists.

(The DTTag library is not (typically) used to its full potential on this site: a better example of this JavaScript library is the TOOGAM.Com Base Web Files page, which demonstrates having just some of the subsections collapsed by default unless a hyperlink anchor is used to fully expand the page.)


This web site makes proper use of the under-used HTML LINK tag. Realizing that most Javascript-capable browsers do not provide an easy interface for users, LinkNav, and's LinkNavFix are used.