Office Software

This section may have similarities to TOOGAM's Software Archive of Office Data programs, though also with more info added about platforms other than Microsoft Windows and DOS. See also: alternative to . net, Wikipedia's guide of default programs packaged, DistroWatch listings.

For some options, see: TOOGAM's Software Archive of programs that work with common Office data, Wikipedia's comparison of default packaged programs

[#wordproc]: Word Processor software
AbiWord, OpenOffice Writer, KWord, Wordpad, Write, Google Docs, MS Word, MS Works, and more
[#spreadsh]: Spreadsheet software
[#spreadsh]: Spreadsheet software
Gnumeric, KSpread, OpenOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel
[#showsoft]: Presentation/Slideshow Creation/Presenting software
Impress, KPresenter, Microsoft PowerPoint
[#datbassw]: Database Software
SQL-based and other software
[#offsuite]: Office software suites
OpenOffice, Google Docs, and others
Document handling

For the most universal style documents which are generally easiest for clients to support, consider HTML.

For word processor documents, see the section about Word Processor software.

Portable Document Format (*.pdf files)

PDF files do have the advantage that they can be created by printer objects.

Information which was previously here has now been moved to: PDF format. (Information previously here, in the sub-section called “[#gglcahtm]: Google Cache” has now been moved to “PDF format” document, section [#gglcahtm] titled “Google Cache of PDF files”.) Besides being moved, that section has been expanded beyond what was previously here...