For now, this is sort of a catch-all section for tasks that professional IT staff may frequently get involved in, but which might not yet have another section of the website covering the activity. While most other sections of the site tend to focus on technical details how to perform an action, this section might have references to some other activities involving life beyond just a technical focus.

(This section might not prove to be necessary.)

Creating a network
Identify what is expected/desired to be achieved. Identify budget available. Work to gain agreement between desired goals and available budget (through budget increases and/or re-definition of what is expected). Determine schedule: some sections of schedule may be precisely defined and some other items may be more loosely defined. Ensure there are enough resources, such as budget, staff/labor, and time. Ensure there is agreement and authorization.
Start spending money
Chances are that some things will take some time before it is possible for the staff to implement the plan(s) above. As an example, shipping may have costs that need to be spent to be successfully selling something over the Internet.
Controlling a network