Technology Warning

[#techwarn]: Warning

This source of information (related to computer technology) provides the technologically competant [people] with even more power over technology. Realize that some information and techniques can be “destructive” to data, easily resulting in “data loss”. This can result in (permanently) losing the ability to access data that has been stored at an earlier time, and such data may not be reasonably recoverable. Improperly performed actions may also provide services to both authorized individuals and also unauthorized individuals, including “attackers” who may want to steal data, alter data, and/or delete data.

Some information may even be able to cause permanent damage to hardware. Such warnings might be provided again, and possibly with more detail, in more specific text. However, there is no guarantee that additional warnings will always be provided in relevant sections. In case someone is reading through a large amount of text, the provided guides (or other similar text) may not always repeat earlier warnings. Those who start reading the text at some location other than the beginning, which may be likely to happen by following a web hyperlink, or by manually scrolling down on a web page, or by turning to a later page (if viewing printed material), may be especially likely to miss reading some of the earlier warnings that may be provided.

(Examples of items that may be particularly likely to cause permanent damage to some hardware could include hardware testing (see: hardware testing (note about testing possibly causing damage to hardware)), and any information (provided currently and/or in the future) about changing video output modes (especially involving refresh rates). However, there may be other actions that might also result in hardware breaking, including actions that are normally viewed as being safe. Do not expect any sort of guarantees.

The information on this site is almost certain to help some people to avoid or resolve problems, while at the same time leading other people to experience problems. Before proceeding with any action described on this website, determine how likely it is to be safe, and be prepared for the consequences before any action is taken. Safely back up everything important, and never assume a process is safe. There are some appropriate disclaimers on pages about “law-related” topics: this site offers no liability for any specific results. Powerful tools are discussed on this site, so whenever applying information learned from this site, be careful.

Keeping all that in mind at all times, always remember to be careful.

How many warnings have already been given to be careful? Probably not enough. Be careful.

Absolutely no warantee or guarantee is provided, as noted in multiple places including this text, the Introduction page (especially the section providing an early warning), the top of the main page, the Copyright page (which may cover topics beyond just Copyright information), and/or other legal page.