Getting ClamWin

A recommendation

One option is to use this hyperlink: ClamWin Latest Full Installer. After clicking on that, wait for the browser to automatically start the download of the executable file. (This may involve an intentional delay of about 5 seconds which allows some advertisements to show on the browser screen.)

Another option, for those seeking an easy solution and who wish to get all of the software at once, go to (That allows downloading not only ClamWin, but also Clam Sentinel, which is an add-on that somebody made to make ClamWin real-time.)

Start downloading “Clam Sentinel” if desired, and then click on the “ClamWin” link. This is to be done in addition to (not instead of) the following instructions.

A word of warning about going to the main ClamWin site: People who follow these steps should be careful: advertisers have been known to randomly show ads that provide hyperlinks to download other files, often with things like big green backgrounds and instructions to download now.

Route involving smallest initial download

The fast way to get the latest version of ClamWin is to start by going to ClamWin SourgeForge Files @ This page will identify the latest large installation package, by saying “Looking for the latest version? Download” (and then provides the version number). Using the large package is not recommended if you're seeking to get the installation over with ASAP. However, that hyperlink is helpful by identifying what the latest version number is. Instead of downloading the file on that hyperlink, open up the “clamwin” sub-folder. Then expand the folder with the latest version number. For modern versions of Windows, find the file that says both “clamwin” and “-setup-nodb.exe” (and not a file that ends with .asc).

For very old versions of Windows, a file with a name that starts with “clamwin-legacy-nt4-” may be needed: If that doesn't exist for the latest version of ClamWin then users of such operating systems may need to try a slightly different version. As an example of a version that did have this, see: ClamWin legacy NT4 0.97.2 installer.

Alternate method using project's public domain name

The easier-to-remember way is to go to (or if preferred). Then beware to not click on any hyperlinks which are actually advertising other products, including links that say “Download Now!”, which may actually just be advertisements for other software that claims to be safe protection software. Because both the main page and the download page have been known to have advertisements for other software, such as Stopzilla (see old Wikipedia discussion of Stopzilla), getting software from the address may be the easier way to safely obtain ClamWin instead of some other software. If proceeding this route, once at, on the left frame button called “Download”. Click on that button to go to its hyperlink (which goes to the same location as the redirection, which is From the page that loads next, immediately below the “Make a Donation” section is a button that says “Download Now”, and includes the version number and the file size. Click on that button: again, do not click on any advertisement below that if the goal is specifically to install ClamWin. (Doing all this will start downloading the softare from which, without the filename added to the end, redirects to the same destination as the address described in the previous paragraph.)

Alternative releases

Another popular version of Clamwin may be the ClamWin Portable from