Testing ClamWin

Testing ClamWin

If Clam Sentinel is being used, testing that software may be sufficient to verify ClamWin's operations (although that does not necessarily test that scans initated by ClamWin's configuration will operate as desired). Because Clam Sentinel uses ClamWin, if Clam Sentinel is detecting things with ClamWin, then it is known that ClamWin is installed well enough to detect things.

The following picture shows ClamWin when it detected the test file obtainable from the web page about the EICAR Anti-Malware Test File http://www.eicar.org/anti_virus_test_file.htm.

The red text in the log is a nice visual effect. For details on reviewing the log later, see ClamWin Log Files.

Testing Clam Sentinel

The guide to making ClamWin be usable in real-time: section about Clam Sentinel: subsection about testing Clam Sentinel has information about testing the real-time scanning with Clam Sentinel.