Updating “Microsoft Security Essentials”

To view whether the software is up to date, go into the main “Microsoft Security Essentials” program (msseces.exe) and choose the “Update” tab. To manually update the software, one may perform that task and then click the Update button. There may not be any configurable options in the program's main graphical interface to choose when automatic updates occur. KB 971606 has some info about downloading updates from Microsoft's web site. For automation, use -SignatureUpdate with MpCmdRun.exe, a program which shows help when used without any parameters. Also, mssecs.exe may be used with parameters -Update, /Update, or /UpdateAndQuickScan. (With an exception of the program's initial update immediately after the program is installed, /UpdateAndQuickScan will simply update, and does not seem to perform a quick scan after the update completes.)