Virtual machine software

A list of such software, and information about such software (including references to any detailed information about specific software) is on virtual machine software.

There used to be some information here, which has now been moved:

In summary, there used to be some information here, which has now been moved. (The move was done in order to cut down the size of this page, as this page can refer to some other topics, while the newer page starts with a list of some software.) See: virtual machine software.

[#createvm]: Creating a virtual machine

The section about creating a virtual machine documents many of the steps.

For a guide that goes over the steps in detail, providing details such as preparation steps that may be needed and providing information in a recommended order, see: TOOGAM's tutorial on making a virtual machine.

Another similar/related guide may be see: TOOGAM's tutorial on using multiple virtual machines.

After creating a virtual machine

Consider using a child/snapshot image technology, converting the current virtual machine into a “parent/base image”/“backing file” which could be used with multiple child images.

If this hasn't yet already been done, consider following some tutorials. (Recommendations needed.: find hyperlinks to converting disk images, and the tutorials for virtual machines)