(This is part of TOOGAM's “Making a virtual machine” Tutorial on Cyber Pillar.)

Requirements for the “Making A Virtual Machine” Tutorial

(Much of the text in this section also applies to the section of requirements for making a network of multiple virtual machines. Some items in this list may not be related to making a single virtual machine, and should/will be moved to the tutorial about making a network consisting of multiple virtual machines.)

This list may seem like a fairly long list of requirements; it is fairly long at least in part due to the amount of material this guide covers. Hopefully many, or even all, of these requirements are fulfilled. So, hopefully reading through the entire list will be non-impacting. However, if any of these are not fulfilled, substantial time might be saved by having these addressed early on. Thus, this guide recommends starting by making sure that requirements are fulfilled, so that showstoppers don't cause a screeching halt shortly down the road.

If any of these requirements are not met, the recommendation is not to abandon this tutorial and look for a different tutorial with fewer requirements. Instead, the recommendation is to make whatever changes are needed to be able to fulfill the requirements. This guide will likely contain information and/or references that will effectively remedy most problems that are likely to occur, while many other tutorials do not.

That completes this “requirements” section.