Back up NIC config

Before modifying a configuration file, the recommended process is to back up the file. So let's do that first.

Backing up NIC config in OpenBSD

First, see if a configuration file exists for the NIC that you're wanting to use. You can see the list of NIC configuration files by running:

ls -l /etc/hostname.*[0-9]*

You may wish to check the name of the NIC, especially if such a configuration file does not seem to pre-exist. See: available NICs.

These instructions may be designed around a NIC named “em0”, which can be a name that is commonly used by Qemu (when using the E1000, based on Intel 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet NIC).

cat /etc/hostname.em0

As a general practice, files that are about to be modified should be backed up first.

export FILETOBK=/etc/hostname.em0

See: creating an archive file.