Feedback Questionnaire


At this time, the Questionnaire is in the form of a bunch of questions or topics. There is no web page offering an “online form” to fill out.

Please fill out these questions, and submit a copy of your opinions. (For now, Contact Information/Interaction page at ][CyberPillar][ is the way to get that submitted to the maintainers of this content.)

If this is being done as part of a formal training program, also submit a copy of the feedback to the trainer.

  • Please prepare to take notes, to answer these questions:

Was this experience worthwhile?

Specific Topics

For each of the following topics, please note:

  • Was the topic sufficiently covered?
  • For example, did the process go rather/sufficiently smoothly/easily?
  • Also, how worthwhile was this topic?


  • For a formal training environment, was the classroom prepared?
    • This doesn't mean: were the computers already set up? Setting up the computers might be an expected part of the experience. However, were there sufficient number of electrical power outlets, required hardware available, etc.
    • If supplemental directions were applied, did they point you to resources that were functional?
  • Did your hardware function?
  • network setup
    • Getting some basic network communicational functional (prior to installing a virtual machine)
    • other setup (prior to installing a virtual machine)
  • basic functionality
  • compression of images
    • Was the information at Compressed Hard Drives: Myths describe topics that were new?
    • Did they corret any misunderstandings, or do you disagree with them?
  • child image creation
SSH and related features
  • SSH (basic ; command line shell)
  • SSH feature: SSH port forwarding (with VNC)
  • SSH-related feature: SSH key-based authentication (for manual sessions)
  • SSH-related feature: SSH key-based authentication (for automation: e.g. login-and-reboot)
  • SSH-related feature: OTP (S/Key)
  • NTP
File transfer
  • SFTP
  • SCP
  • HTTP
    • server
    • client
      • Xombrero
      • CURL (curl)
Filesystem volume sharing
  • SMB/NFS/etc.
  • SMTP basic SMTP communication
  • SMTP-related technologies: Anti-Malware scanning
  • SMTP-related technologies: Anti-Spam scanning
  • mail delivery handling (sorting/forwarding)
Some other protocols
  • ICMP (ping...)
  • Traceroute
  • IPv6
  • IPv4
Other technologies
  • Privilege escalation
    • doas (presumably OpenBSD 5.8 and newer)
    • sudo (/etc/sudoers, visudo)
  • File integrity checking
    • After the initial setup, does it seem like an easy way to gather useful data?
    • Was the topic of “file integrity checking” something that was learned primarily from this tutorial? (Or, did you already have quite a bit of “background knowledge” and familiarity with the topic?
  • Network routing
  • Firewalling
  • File layout design; using second hard drive as described(or, will be described?)
  • handling of improper shutdowns : filesystem repair
    • This isn't referring to manual repair of a filesystem that is corrupted beyond efforts that can be easiliy fixed with repair tools. This is simply referring to having repairs being handled automatically.
  • Terminal multiplexing (It is currently recognized that terminal multiplexing is barely touched on in this tutorial... A better tutorial would be warranted)
  • Graphical display
    • (It is currently recognized that this is not currently something that is really covered by the tutorial...

After completing most of this questionnaire, did that have any impact on your thoughts of how worthwhile this experience was?

And now, some of the feedback that may be even prone to generate answers, or feedback, that may shine this experience in a bit of a less glamourous light:

  • Is there anything you disagreed with?
    • Any reasons/arguments, or other information, that you read, but still felt like you disagreed with the text?
  • Is there anything that felt missing?
  • Was there anything that took quite a bit of time, but seemed to provide relatively little payoff?
Some follow-up

If there were some things that you found imperfect, then such feedback is appreciated. Still, please do not just cement ill feelings if there were some positive things too. Please try to also keep in mind the overall experience, and whether any of it did any positive good. If so, then this was probably a good experience. Hopefully the imperfections were less substantial than some of the good impacts.

If you've completed this form and sent it to the author of this text, then the author of this text has this to say, very genuinely, to you: Thank you for your feedback.