DNS Server

See: virtual machine NSD server.

Before trying to use Unbound, be familiar with what it does. Basically, it receives DNS requests, caches them, and forwards on DNS requests as needed.

For a complete solution, this guide recommends starting with the virtual machine NSD server tutorial and then using the virtual machine: Unbound server guide when that NSD guide refers to the Unbound guide. (So, the recommendation is to not use the hyperlink just provided, but instead to use the hyperlink from within the NSD guide.)


At this time, this guide is designed for BIND. See: virtual machine BIND server.

Before investing much time into this, note that there was an outstanding issue: BIND would break after some time. This is discussed further at BIND fails over time

Fix DHCP client on the DNS server

See: DHCP Client: Custom Configurations”: Overview section on “DNS servers (DHCP issues)” (for information) and DHCP Client: Custom Configurations”: section on “Fixing DNS servers (DHCP issues)” (for steps that should be performed).